A Wellbeing Solution

TRB is a wellbeing platform that helps your employees build resilience and connect with support.

Wherever you fall on the wellbeing continuum
Online Learning
Self-paced, e-learning activities to strengthen personal resilience, and improving wellbeing
Wellbeing Videos
Informative videos to assists employees navigate life's changes, and maintain wellbeing
In-depth Podcast Series
Podcast series that take deep dives into all things mental health, wellbeing, and overcoming challenges
Information Factsheets
Over 500 articles on every topic to do with wellbeing, relationships, and mental health
Counselling & Coaching
Book face-to-face, phone, or video counseling sessions with senior psychologists
About the Resilence Box

Nourish your wellbeing now.

Nourish your wellbeing. N.O.W.

Fully customisable.

Developed by senior psychologists from the centre for Corporate Health, The Resilence Box in a centralised digital wellbeing platform where employees can seek assistance, build resilience, and engage in self-directed change.

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